Themad ltd | Providing consulted & brokered business solutions.

Helping you make decisions around business processes, commercial insurance products and finance solutions.

What we do​

Many companies leave selecting a third party provider to someone within their team, which is good unless they don't have the experience to make that decision... This is where Themad comes in.

We Coach. ​

We help implement processes so that you and your team can make informed decisions when selecting suppliers, insurance products and third-party service providers.

We Broker.

With over a decade of arranging and brokering with many different suppliers from finance to telecoms and retail to food we've seen enough contracts to know what we're looking for. 

We Support.

We don't simply get you a new commercial insurance policy, marketing agency or any other third party, we support you 1 on 1. If the service provider hasn't stood up to their side of the deal we'll help with fixing it.

Need support?​

We have a network of people we can outsource any query to. 

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Recommended e-Books & Courses​

Coming soon is our regular recommendations for e-Books, courses and expos and conferences. 


 “ Fantastic support throughout the whole process. We were initially helped with negotiating with a new sales partner which then lead onto support for more finance, R&D claims, trademark support and everything we've needed to support our brand.”


Insurance and service brokering

We're not an insurance broker, we broker the relationship between you and the broker. We know what sneaky clauses, fees and terms they like to include within their services, so we help point them out.

Our goal is to ensure you work with like-minded service providers who offer you the service you deserve. No nonsense, no fuss.